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Mar 2022

TV hosting and Entertainment shows workshop by Famous Raya Abiracid

  • 10:00 AM
  • Expert Studios 1
Raya Abiracid TV hosting and Entertainment shows by Famous Raya Abiracid curriculum DAY One Red carpet preparations 4 Tricks to Make Your Live Show Vastly More Interesting 1. Interact with the crowd at all possible moments. ... 2. Get creative without becoming gimmicky. ... 3. Think about sight, not just sound. ... 4. Play something unexpected. Different Introductions of the TV shows Practice with students different techniques of presenting a red carpet TV coverage. television Show Pitch • The logline, also known as the “elevator pitch.” This is a short summary of your TV show idea and needs to be one or two sentences at most. It must clearly demonstrate the core concept of the show. The term “elevator pitch” refers to the idea that it has to be short and snappy enough to pitch to an executive in an elevator. For example, Vince Gilligan’s logline for the AMC hit Breaking Bad may have read something like this: “A terminal diagnosis leads a cash-strapped, loving father to the hostile world of illicit drug manufacture and its deadly associations.” Learn about how to write loglines here. DAY Two Red carpet interviews with stars at Canne Film Festival 2021 Practice interviews with celebrities at Red carpet Film festivals Assignments for students to write a script for interview with one of the celebrities. Steps of writing red carpet interviews . DAY Three How to make an attractive introduction for a Reality show as Arabs Got Talent??? Practice different introductions by students on Camera at Studio. Making interviews live on Camera Practice different interviews live by students on Camera. Assignments for final project by students: 1- Making Red carpet interviews 2- Making Live interviews or introductions for a reality show as Arabs Got Talent. Assigning tasks for each student for next day shooting of final project on Air at Studio. Full make up and hairstyles as well as choosing suits and dresses for final project shooting
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TV hosting and Entertainment shows workshop by Famous Raya AbiracidTV hosting and Entertainment shows workshop by Famous Raya Abiracid