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Dubai Dolphinarium is home to a number of UAE's most unique indoor family entertainment & is now one of the most loved Dubai tourist attractions.

Dolphin & Seal Show - Have you ever seen a dolphin and a seal performing live? Don’t miss the opportunity to be impressed by these adorable & talented sea creatures. Watch these mammals as they showcase their skills & do incredible stunts only in Dubai Dolphinarium – Dolphin & Seal Show. A 45-minute indoor interactive extravaganza showcases these amazing animals' astounding skills. Watch in wonder as the dolphins and seals dance, sing, juggle, play ball, jump through hoops and even create their own masterpiece!

Bird Show - Dubai Dolphinarium brings one of the unique attractions in UAE, first & only show featuring exotic birds in the Middle East- Creek Park Bird Show! Be prepared to be captivated by one of the most unique and amazing birds of distinct species as they perform tricks that will surely prove the "Bird Brain Theory" wrong. With beautiful and fascinating species of birds which include the sun conures, Amazon parrots, cockatoos, blue & gold macaws, green-winged macaws, hornbill, toucans, falcons & Eclectus parrots await to amaze you with their talents & skills. Become a part of the show as the birds fly overhead and interact with the audience!

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