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Elite Pearl Charter is the leading private yacht rental company in Dubai. At Elite Pearl Charter, we seek to provide our customers with one of the finest private luxury boat rental experiences in Dubai. With an expansive fleet comprising of more than 20+ luxury yachts to rent in Dubai and a highly experienced onboard crew and captain, our yachts and boats are the perfect choice for both private and corporate events in dubai.

Gift Card Redemption Process

A Gift Card is a Digital or Physical cash-card that once purchased, has a monetary value which can be a payment method for products or services. Gift Cards can be used personally or given to another individual.
Your Gift Card can be redeemed:
  • Offline – at a Brand’s physical venue

Offline Gift Card Redemption

  1. Present the Gift Card code at the cashier Elite Pearl Yachts
  2. Cashier scans the Gift Card code as a payment against the purchase of goods or services (any difference in gift card amount vs bill amount to be paid by other mode of payment)
  3. The Gift Card type is One Time-Use card, Customer can use the Gift Card for a single purchase
  4. Present the Gift Card code at the cashier to inquire about the balance or to check the validity
  5. Please make a booking with Elite Pearl Yachts prior in order to redeem the gift card 
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