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La Perle by Dragone  poster
Featuring a cast of 35 artists from across 15 countries, the show ranges from acting, acrobatics, aerial stunts, aquatic effects, and much more! The show is directed and produced by Franco Dragone, who previously received critical acclamation for his works with Cirque du Soleil and Celine Dion. The theater, located in Al Habtoor City, is specially designed for the show and includes an on-stage pool, futuristic lighting systems, and much more. 

The performance will feature ‘flying acts’ as quick as 15 kilometers per hour. This magical show will last for 90 minutes. Each minute promises to be exciting, thrilling, touching, and adventurous.

As Dubai's first permanent show, La Perle promises to be the new highlight of the city’s entertainment scene. Your experience in the state-of-the-art theater at Al Habtoor City promises to teleport you beyond the realms of live shows and into the magical world envisaged by Dragone. Witness the first-of-its-kind aqua theater magically transform from being dry to wet in an instant as performers partake in death-defying dives from as high as 35 meters!

The projection walls in the theaters stretch through their length and breadth, covering the walls, seats, floors, and even the dome, offering the perfect panoramic experience, no matter where you look. With built-in high-definition speakers embedded into the seats, the music and sounds also come to life all around you. The specially designed theater ensures that the seating is built around the stage in such a way that the audience's experience is immersive, ensuring that you feel like a part of the show's journey from the beginning to the end.
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