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Zuhoor Art Installation poster
ZUHOOR is an installation curated by Salem Al Suwaidi and Roudhah Al Mazrouie, featuring Humoud Suwaidan and Fatima Ali: Visual imaginations of ‘Arabness’ are limited to the cultural products we see in news, film, and marketing campaigns.
Seldom is there a study of our daily, colourful attire that extends beyond the structures of formality? The fabrics we place on our skin, the patterns we highlight through our bodies, and the colours we brighten with our souls are familiar narrative elements we investigate daily. Through our artists’ installations, we enter a dream-like world and enjoy a glimpse of various visually alluring stories—dresses, gloves, flowers, and planets, coupled with accessories that delight those who wear them.
Our hyper-fixation on traditional houseware, props, clothing, lighting, carpets, and backdrops recreates familiar environments that slowly become unrecognizable. We then deploy a strong juxtaposition between both artists and the worlds they create, with Humoud utilizing warmth and realism while Fatima delves into vibrant, neon Gulf-surrealism.
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