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Daydream Music Festival 18 December poster
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At Daydream Festival, visitors enter a wonderful dream which travels across the globe to far distant places carried by the light of our magical enter. They wander in a world where time has no meaning and dream with their eyes open, settling down in a magical place for Daydream Festival to call home. An all-star Electronic and Dance Music (EDM) studded line up spread across 10 festival shows, unimaginable visual production and magical decors will steal your nights away illuminating a mystical skyline across the desert that almost seems unreal.

At Daydream Festival, magical thoughts are realized and dreamers, through the magical journey of music, are guided by the light of the dream beyond their imagination to places they have never seen before. Inspirations expand, boundaries disappear and together, with thousands of Daydreamers, they can escape and create breathtaking memories, which shall never be forgotten.

This year edition with a groundbreaking stage Magical Lantern gives a special flavour. A place of unimaginable beauty when a sun sets slow. Undreamed tales and stories unfold in front of fans dreaming about their countries to win the Games during these November and December.

In this Daydream Festival even the sky is not the limit.

Have you ever dreamed with eyes open?

Brought to you by Qatar Airways and Qatar Tourism. Sponsored by Ooredoo, Coca cola and Qatar Duty Free

Organised by Alchemy Project. 

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