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MAS is happy to present to all film enthusiasts the fifth edition of CineMAS: the alternative film festival that showcases some of the best indie talents and the must-see films of our time.

We welcome you to this engaging programme featuring regional and international stories of neighbourhoods, preservation, family, science and spirituality with insights and experiences that resonate. Curated by artist, film curator, and writer Hind Mezaina.

Daily: 30AED
Weekend (Saturday & Sunday): 50AED
Full week pass: 150AED

Monday, May 29
7:30 PM
Under the Fig Trees
Director: Erige Sehiri
2022, 92 min, Tunisia, France, Switzerland, Germany, Qatar, Arabic with English and Arabic subtitles, PG-13

Tuesday, May 30
7:00 PM
Without Her/Bi RoyaDirector: Arian Vazirdaftari
2023, 111 min, , Iran, Persian, Danish with English subtitles, PG-13

9:00 PM
The Dam
Director: Ali Cherri
2022, 80 min, Sudan, France, Lebanon, Germany, Serbia, Qatar, Arabic with English subtitles, PG-13

Wednesday, May 31

7:00 PM
Director: Jumana Manna
2022, 64 min, Palestine, Arabic, Hebrew with English subtitles, PG

9:00 PM
Directors: Volker Sattel and Francesca Bertin
2022, 86 min, Germany, Italy, Italian with English subtitles, PG-15

Thursday, June 1
7:00 PM
Director: Ahmad Abdalla
2022, 90 min, Egypt, Arabic with English subtitles, PG13
9:00 PM
White Building
Director: Kavich Neang
2021, 90 min, Cambodia, France, China, Qatar, Khmer with English subtitles, PG13

Friday, June 2
7:00 PM
A Letter from Al Barzakh
Director: Waleed Al Madani
2019, Belgium, 15 min, Arabic with English subtitles, PG

7:15 PM
All of Our Heartbeats are Connected Through Exploding Stars
Director: Jennifer Rainsford
2022, 77 min, Sweden, English, Japanese, English subtitles, PG

9:00 PM
Fragments From Heaven
Director: Adnane Baraka
2022, 82 min, Morocco, France, Berber, Arabic, French with English subtitles, PG

Saturday, June 3

3:00 PM
Director: Muzna Alumusafer
2020, 15 min, Oman, Arabic with English subtitles

VHS Tape: Replaced
Director: Maha Al-Saati
2022, 17 min, Saudi Arabia, Arabic with English subtitles

Now Showing
Director: Abdullah Al Daihani
2014, 19 min, Kuwait, Arabic with English subtitles

And Then They Burn the Sea
Director: Majid Al-Remaihi
2021, 13 min, Qatar, Arabic with English subtitles

5:00 PM
The Falconer
Directors: Adam Sjöberg and Seanne Winslow
2021, 100 min, USA, Oman, Arabic and English, with subtitles, PG-13

7:00 PM
1-0 (Nada ElAzhary, 2017, 10 min, Arabic with English subtitles)

Mommy (Ahmed Almulla, 2019, 6 min, Arabic with English subtitles)

Mid-distance (Hamad Saghran, 2022, 11 min, Arabic with English subtitles)

Bundle of Joy (Majed AlZubaidi, 2023, 7 min, Arabic with English subtitles)

Unveiling Selma (Mariam Alserkal and Maaria Sayed, 2022, 14 min, Arabic with English subtitles)

Sheikh of Mussafah (Waleed Al Madani, 2015, 10 min, Arabic with English subtitles)

Ranapakhara (Swapna Kurup, 2018, 10 min, English)

9:30 PM
Primary Organs
Director: Michael John Whelan

2021, 43 min, United Arab Emirates, Arabic with English subtitles, PG

Sunday, June 4
3:00 PM
Love is Not an Orange
Director: Otilia Babara
2022, 73 min, Moldova, Documentary, Romanian with English subtitles, PG15

5:00 PM
The Super 8 Years
Director: Annie Ernaux and David Ernaux-Briot
2022, 61 min France, French with English subtitles, PG

7:30 PM
Silences of the Palace
Director: Moufida Tlatli
1996, 127min, Tunisia/France, Arabic, French with English subtitles, PG-18

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