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Verdi himself believed that the plot of "Rigoletto", borrowed from "The King amuses himself", drama by Victor Hugo, was the best one ever set to music by him. For the first time in opera history, the main character was an old world-hating hunchback court jester!

Under the direction of Yuri Alexandrov, the St. Petersburg Chamber Opera production of "Rigoletto" delivers a different take on this psychological drama, where instead of being merely a hunchback, the court jester is a sarcastic, witty, and angry man, and not old at all! His hump and mask are nothing but the clownish appearance that he wears only at the Duke's court. However, moral ugliness cannot be thrown away like a mask.

The St. Petersburg Opera is known as one of the best music theatres in Russia and abroad, led by its founder and artistic director, People's Artist of Russia, Yuri Alexandrov, whose performances were staged in the world's most prestigious venues, including Arena di Verona, Metropolitan Opera, and La Scala.

Don't miss this exquisite opera production where lavish costumes, acting and superb musical performance will leave you in utter enchantment.

أوبرا الحجرة سانت بطرسبرغ
كان فيردي شخصياً يقول إن حبكة "ريغوليتّو"، المستعارة من دراما "الملك يسلّي نفسه" للأديب فيكتور هوغو، كانت أفضل حبكة موسيقيّة قدّمها على الإطلاق. فلأول مرّة في تاريخ الأوبرا، تكون الشخصية الرئيسية هي مهرّج بلاط أحدب وعجوز يكره العالم!

بإدارة المخرج يوري ألكساندروف، يقدّم هذا الإنتاج الجديد من أوبرا الحجرة سانت بطرسبرغ أوبرا "ريغوليتّو" بمعالجة مختلفة لهذه الدراما النفسية، حيث مهرّج البلاط ليس مجرّد أحدب، بل رجل ساخر، ذكي، وغاضب، وليس عجوزاً على الإطلاق! بل إن حدبة ظهره وقناعه ليسا سوى مظهر تهريج يعتمده فقط في بلاط الدوق. مع أنه في الواقع، القبح الأخلاقي لا يمكن التخلّص منه مثل القناع.

تُعرف أوبرا الحجرة سانت بطرسبرغ بأنها واحدة من أفضل الفرق المسرحية الموسيقية في روسيا والخارج بقيادة مؤسسها ومديرها الفني، فنان الشعب الروسي، يوري ألكساندروف، الذي أقيمت عروضه في أرقى الأماكن في العالم، بما في ذلك حلبة فيرونا، وأوبرا متروبوليتان، ولا سكالا.
لا تفوّتوا هذا الإنتاج الأوبرالي الرائع حيث ستأسركم الأزياء الفخمة والتمثيل والأداء الموسيقي الرائعة وتجعلكم في حالة من الانبهار المطلق.

Safety Measures - Covid 19

• Proof of Vaccination is not required for this event
• Wearing a face mask is mandatory at all times even inside the auditorium, gloves are optional.
• We have limited our seating capacity to maintain social distancing within the auditorium.
• Buying tickets online is recommended.
• Please choose mobile ticket or e-ticket delivery method.
• The maximum number of seats that can be selected online is up to 4 seats. Please email [email protected] if your group is larger.
• Please make your seat selection strictly based on your group size (1, 2, 3 or 4). Please ensure no empty seat remains next to your selection.
• Social distancing will be maintained inside the auditorium, please sit in your assigned seat only.
• Families are allowed to sit together (a maximum of 4 people).
• Compliance with the stated safety measures is legally required in all areas within the venue.


Times are approximate and subject to change at any time. The show duration is estimated to be approximately 3.5 hours including 2 intermissions.


• If you are driving and plan to self-park, there are underground parking spaces available.
• Paid parking spaces in very close proximity to Dubai Opera are available at Green Parking.
• Green Parking is a flat rate of AED 50 per visit starting from 2 hours before the show.
• You can access the P3 underground parking entrance on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, the entrance to the underground parking is located just after the Dubai Opera hashtag on the right.

Important Information:

• The Opera Cafe and Bars open 2 hours before the show begins.
• Latecomers may only be admitted at a suitable pause.
• Doors open 30 minutes before the show begins.
• Please ensure you read Dubai Opera’s Covid-19 safety measure information before your visit.
• You will be required to bring a face mask, and wear it at all times, including inside the Auditorium. You will be asked to leave if you are not wearing your face mask correctly.
• 2+ years would require a ticket to enter the Auditorium.
• Below 2 years are not permitted into the Auditorium.
• Patrons under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
• Any use of mobile phones, cameras, and other electronic devices inside the auditorium is strictly prohibitedread more
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